• Competitors will compete in a two-piece suit. The bottom of the suit must be v-shaped. Thongs are prohibited. Competitors can compete in an off-the-rack suit. All suits must meet acceptable standards of taste and decency.
  • Competitors must wear high heels
  • Competitors may wear jewelry


  • Prescription eyewear (except sun glasses) is permitted.
  • Competitor number must be worn on left side of the suit bottom at all times while onstage.




  • Competitors will walk on stage alone and will perform their Model Walk (personal preference)
  • The Model Walk consists of the following:

Walk to the centre of the stage, stop and do a front stance, then a full turn and do a back stance, then turn to the front again and face the judges as directed then proceed to the side of the stage. No Lewd acts are permited. Length of time allowed is 30 seconds.


  • The competitors will be called out in small groups and directed to centre stage to perform the front and back pose
  • Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in half turns (no side judging permitted, front and back only)


Judges will be scoring the competitors using the following criteria

  • Wellness is for women with bigger hips, thighs and legs. More muscular physique than bikini
  • Symmetry and proportions are needed; ideally longer legs shorter upper body
  • Not extremely dry, lean and overly muscular
  • Balance and Shape


Athletes are allowed to crossover and compete in additional divisions. This way you can choose where you currently fit best.